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message from the chair

Here is Celeste's message on the night the Benton County Democrats elected her.

Celeste ran for State Representative in District 93, and now is serving us to lead the party to victory in 2020. 


"You Belong.


Whether you have been a member of the Democratic Party for decades or are new, you belong. If you care about the educational and economic opportunities available to all individuals and families, you belong.


If you believe everyone should have access to the healthcare they need, you belong.


If you are heartbroken by the plight of immigrants and want to make a difference, you belong.


If your passion is the protection of our environment and want to make sure future generations have a sustainable planet to live on, you belong.


If you believe in democracy, you belong.


The Democratic Party should be a place we can all come to feel accepted, support our passions, and our concerns. Our meetings should be where we come together to create a safe, just and equitable society protecting the least among us and advancing economic and educational opportunities for all working people. We do that by getting Democrats elected.


Tonight marks the beginning of new leadership and a time to honor those who have paved the way before us, an opportunity to plan for those who will follow. My vision for the next two years is that we become a warm welcoming place for Democrats and progressive people to come together to work to get candidates who reflect our values elected. I cannot do this alone. I will need your help, your ideas, your passion, and your input to build a roadmap and calendar for the next 2 years. This past year House and Senate candidates in Benton County raised $327,205, knocked over 15,000 doors, and sent out 41,000 mailers. We had organized energetic campaign teams, We can build upon this base of supporters.


Candidates who do step forward will have clear communication as to what to expect from the party. We will determine the cost of what we would like to offer each candidate with the assumption that we will have a full slate of candidates and that will drive our fundraising needs and goals over the next 2 years.


My desire for meetings is that we have an opportunity to come together to make friends, have fun, learn something, share open communication and have an actionable item at each meeting. I want to hear from you as to what issues are important to you.


I’m not perfect. I promise at some point I will say something the wrong way, I will unintentionally leave out someone’s issue or forget to include someone. I ask in advance for your patience and trust that I have the best intentions at heart. I absolutely believe that with all the amazing talented people in our party and our community, we will elect Democrats this next election cycle. But it will take sustained work and effort. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake. The future of the Democratic Party isn’t in Little Rock; it’s here in Northwest Arkansas. We have the opportunity to direct where the party needs to go. I’m so excited to get to work. Thank you for electing me and giving me this amazing opportunity."

Celeste Williams,

Chair, Democratic Party of Benton County

January 14, 2019

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